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May 21, 2015


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hey there! i've been thinking of you lately and wondering if you are doing okay. i just recently stumbled on the pattern of ashburn and love it! I'm really liking your color choices so far.

so...not sure if you saw my book challenge I posted about a couple weeks ago, but maybe you'd consider joining in on some level (even just a normal 5 square bingo)? i was in a reading rut too and starting the challenge has brought me out of it in a big way. and coincidentally enough, one of the squares is 'reread something'. Mockingjay fits! no pressure...but just an idea if you are interested. Take care Kathy!


secret knitting is fun, but i've had so much of it as well lately i've nothing to blog about :)
i'm finally moving on to things i can talk about publicly - right now a little dress for baby is on my needles.
i read three books in two weeks, since last posting a yarn along, and now i'm waiting for an order to arrive from amazon and so started re-reading the little house in the big woods to fill the gap and because those books never fail to make me happy.

i too love the hunger games - are you a fan of the movies as well?

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