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February 22, 2015


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What was this post about?!?!
Wiggle is so cute I can't even stand it!!!


I think since it took you so long to post your goals, you can't fault me for taking so long to actually comment on them!

Great goals...all of them. I would definitely like to see you use Ravelry more (although I have a heck of a time keeping up with friends projects on there) if for nothing else than I think you, like me, enjoy documentation! You steeked!!! That's a goal for me in the near future. Can't wait to hear more about it.

ps...I took a look at the lotus top and I honestly think it looks pretty good on you. We are our own worse critics remember!


Great list! I did a lot of destashing in the process of multiple rapid-fire moves, and it felt pretty great. Now everything in the stash is there for a reason, and it makes the stash a happier (if smaller) place. Learning steeks and being better about swatching are on my list for the future. Not going to commit to any particular year, but...

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