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January 08, 2015


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I'm not really sure what I'm knitting right now...we'll go with Linum Tee although it's in time-out for the second time (sounds like rip and repeat is going around!). But I want to get it done so let's just say I'm working on it. As for reading...just started 'After the Sour Lemon Moon' by Denise Parsons whose blog I read and love. I was too tired to get very far into it last night but have to say I love it so far.


i vote you go to the library to get #4 - you can't stop now!! :)
i love book3. it always feels like we're finally getting to the meat of the potter books when we get to three... plus i love lupin and sirius.

i'm working on a project i'm not allowed to speak publicly about, and am so so close to finishing "the flamethrowers" which has just been sitting by my bed not being read for so long i was feeling ridiculous and decided it was high time to suck it up and finish!


Aw, if I was nearby I'd offer you my copy! I'm reading David Seders "Me Talk Pretty Now". He makes me laugh so much. Knitting my Mum's second pair of Christmas socks. They weren't done in time for Christmas :)

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