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January 10, 2015


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i think you should get points for so diligently keeping track of your goals and their progress. it amazes me every time you post about them that you are so dedicated to keeping them in the front of your mind, so even if you didn't reach all of them, the fact that you stay with it all year long is something to be proud of.
i'd also just say, your goals are all noble and good, but just look at your healthy, happy, amazing son and know that you've accomplished all you need to and more!
here's to an amazing 2015!


I would echo some of what Melissa says...you accomplished a ton in 2014 and it's important not to lose sight of that (and there are things that didn't make this list...like doing this crazy brave thing of quitting your job and starting a business so you could spend more time with Wiggle!). Reading your lists and your updates reminds me a lot of myself a few years ago (and still a little bit today if I'm honest). I always wanted to attach numbers to everything (knit X number of projects, run X miles etc) but I learned the hard way that it was just too rigid for me and I was almost setting myself for failure from the start (because of my personality). Cuz you know, life gets in the way a lot!! My goal/intention lists now are more general...I want to move every day...I want to be creative 'every' day. I find they can't be too general as to let myself off the hook but gone are the numbers.

And now I know my answer -- you ARE running again and participated in a race!!! Great job and also great to see that you adjusted your goals here to match what is more feasible with your new life. I wish you the best in 2015 -- remember that all we really need to do is breathe in and out every day! :)


Hey Kathy - I think you are amazing. You know this list overwhelms me, but I also now it is how you process and your honesty touches me every time. We are always a work in progress, right? And the simple fact that Wiggle shines so bright ... that, alone, is everything.

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