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October 05, 2014


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I love your fierce honesty. And although I say that every mom is different and I try very hard not to compare and advise - I want to say this: When bushboy was young I often felt exactly as you do. I was exhausted for years, easy to tears or anger, and felt like I wasn't doing anything well. But like you, I could build a mean block tower (or cushion mountain). And I'm here to tell you - it gets easier. Part of what you are feeling honestly and truthfully is part of being a mom to a young child. And from the smiles on that boy's face, and the fierce love I know you give him ... you're doing great.
Thank you for sharing yourself in this space. It means a lot.


i will agree with kate - i too love your honesty. and found myself shaking my head up and down in agreement as i was reading a lot of it.
i'm working hard on taking things one day at a time... what else can we do.
and kate's right - one look at the joy exuding out of wiggle and it's obvious what a wonderful mama you are!
hugs to you!!


ps - i love that photo of beckerman!

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