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March 07, 2013


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Why hello baby!!!!!

So many wonderful things in this post. THank you for sharing the new home - now I can picture the beautiful place where you are living.

Congratulations on the house!


oh kathy - so many wonderful wonderful things in this post - you have *goats* for neighbors!?!? so jealous!
look at the gorgeous vistas, and your beautiful new house!

now, that said, all of that is overshadowed by how beautiful and happy you look! goodness are you ever wearing this pregnancy well! you are glowing and oh so beautiful!

and hello baby!! those 3d ultrasounds are just amazing!!


Wiggle definitely has daddy's nose. You're both looking incredibly happy.


I love your neighbors, 'specially the rooster. Having live in Hawaii, I can picture your casual hood perfectly. And in concert with your hjem, at this very moment, I'm enjoying my new surrounds...the warm evening and the slow draw of the sun, listening to the crickets that I've so been missing, along with the occassional fantastic gobble of the wild turkeys. Excellent. It's lovely & I wish you guys were near.

Frap...I'm going to be forced to make new friends

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