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July 14, 2012


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THat 5th picture from the bottom - vertical one of the trail through the trees - absolutely stunning photograph. Stunning!

Thanks for taking us along on your run!!

Paul Rodman

Your pics are GREAT. I was lazier. (My report is "Pauls Report".
keep up the great photos!

Allen Lucas

This is great! The funny thing is that I took a picture of a runner taking a picture of those stairs, and though that might have been you. Then I saw my back going up those stairs in your picture, so you must have been behind me, and maybe saw me taking a picture of someone taking a picture of those steps.

In any case, this is a great report - thanks for posting it. (You can see mine if you click my link that I assume will get added to this comment.)


amazing photos! thanks for taking us along on your run.
i'd say the view from the right side of the trail is just perfect!!

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great man :D

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