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June 26, 2012


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Yeah boy #2!!!
You must be beyond proud. :)


Congrats! This is such an exciting time for him!


That is a nice post. You had a lot to do with him making it this far and becoming a good person. You should be proud.


Yes, congratulations to Boy #2!

Kathy, I just spent a lovely time catching up on your blog posts. Since I wanted to keep reading, I thought I'd save all of my comments for the end.

First off, I really enoyed reading your posts and updates on your goals for the year. They're an ambitious set but also ones that I can relate to. How are things moving on the house front? We've been looking at houses off and on for the past few months and are about to switch the search back to "on" mode again this week. (J made me promise to wait until tomorrow to email our realtor since it isn't really fair to get back in touch on a holiday when we had put out search on hold for several weeks). I keep telling myself that I can just wait until next year to be more mindful about my goals and resolutions but your posts reminded me that there's no reason why I can't start mid-year.

Second, the new kitty is adorable! I'm especially fond of orange cats and yours looks really delightful.

Third, those last baby FOs look really, really lovely. And I'm so happy the new parents enjoyed pleased with them.

Finally, your Kate a palooza celebration was a lot of fun to read! I'm sorry I missed your actual birthday so I'll end with a belated Happy Birthday!


congrats to boy#2!!!


I am so behind!! Tell him I said congrats, you know, when you get back.

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