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June 17, 2012


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How bizarre! I just realized how striped the Gooseberry hat is, when there is no pooling or anything with the sweater!


Such darling little sweaters! Good luck with your crazy busy life!

katie metzroth

I got my package. Thank you! The yarn is very soft and squishy. I look fwd to working with it! :) Also, that running hat is SUPER AWESOME!!!!! :)


Love all the baby knits! The running hat is quite fabulous, and the sweaters are both darling.


Lovely. He's a lucky little guy. :)


oh my - that hat is just the best thing ever!! i love that partner helped you with the embroidery!
and the sweater is fantastic!

and oh - i'm just a big boob, but i do need to let you know that my package from you arrived and thank you thank you so much!! you are the most generous birthday hostess ever! bilbo baggins would be proud!

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