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May 20, 2012


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Love that pretty yarn! Ros


well yay!! i'm so excited that i won!!
thank you thank you for hosting the best birthday celebration i've "been to" in a long time!
wishing you and your generous-self a year full of goodness and joy!!

ps - that sock yarn is awesome!!

katie metzroth

yay! I don't have great online drawing luck, so this is VERY exciting!...and congrats to Partner. 5 miles seems a long way to me! :)


Great picture of Partner!! Volunteering at events definitely makes for long days, good on you.

And hey, I won something even though it was your birthday! How sweet.

Geek Knitter

Oh hooray!

And a very happy birthday indeed!


How exciting to win something on your birthday (sort of strange too, but I'm getting used to it following Nova for so long!). Thanks for the chances...glad I got back in time to participate!

Way to go R! Why didn't you run Kathy?

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