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May 16, 2012


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Inquiring minds must know where the getalong gang paper came from!!


Yay, sounds like you had a great birthday! Is that the entire set of HP movies? My husband got me that for Christmas, it's the best!


yay!!! what a wonderful celebration!!
i'm glad you had such a spectacular day! you totally deserve it!!

my favorite birthday dessert is flourless chocolate cake! yummy!!


Wow--you had an impressive birthday! I'm glad it was such a good day! (And I didn't know how old you were...we're only a few years apart!). ;)

My favorite birthday dessert is pretty simple and basic: a yellow cake with chocolate icing. I never make it for myself anymore and so it is always a birthday treat!

katie metzroth

love the purple hat! love that you had such a lovely day! and I love my fav. birthday dessert which is....hmmm. white cake with buttercream icing with vanilla ice cream and if I can get 'em, strawberries and whipped cream! Usually for my birthday, I concentrate more on food than dessert (I like my pineapple/ham thin crust pizza every year)!....is that blue/white pillow knitted? It is VERY pretty!!!


looks like you made out quite well:)

oooooooo...kittties :)


Vanilla ice cream!
Cheese cake!
Red Velvet cake with butter-cream icing!

Give me the hat.


My favorite dessert is, well, dessert. : )

Kate-A-Palooza was a blast for all concerned. One day a year to celebrate my really amazing wife is just not enough.

Maybe next year will be "The Year of Dangerous Kate"!


Oh, Rachel cleaned up, she won a gift from me too! Also, if you are in the mood to trade or sell that extra Red Collection book, let me know. Thirdly, I am glad you had such a great day!

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