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May 10, 2012


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My 30th birthday we had just moved to our new town the year earlier, so I invited a few new friends along with family to our place for a cool food party. That week-end the water got shut off in our town for three days. It came back on 5 hours AFTER my party. It really was pretty funny. (Luckily it was the rainy season, so we collected a lot of buckets of water.)


Oh, you will appreciate this: K threw me a surprise birthday party for my 30th (and it was, in fact, a surprise). After we all ate lunch and while we were waiting for some waiter to bring out the cake I asked, "should I open presents or something?" K turned red and my friend Alison said, "oh, he told us not to bring presents." Me: oh, that's so funny...wait, you're serious? What? Alison: Yeah, I didn't understand it either, that's why I left your gift at your house." My husband told people NOT to bring presents. I am okay with people not giving me presents, but don't tell them not to do it! Free will! Free will!! And I like presents!!


This is a hard one for me...cuz I can't hardly remember my birthdays the past decade (always in the field so they sort of come and go without much notice). But the tried and true funny is my 21st birthday. First and last time I drank so much I got sick...but the funny thing is I got kicked out of a Harley bar in Kentucky. I'm a little proud of that one actually!

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