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May 09, 2012


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I don't understand your language (finding it as as botique and foreign as Klingon) or your reindeer games, but wish I could silently participate in some way...without yarning.


You are so funny. I was going to knit for you; but, well, no. I love Abi's blog (and the life she is living)too. I have this same yarn in green, so don't include me in the run (also, it's pink, so....).

katie metzroth

I enjoy Hunter Hammersen's blog (maybe because I'm addicted to her patterns. :) ) http://www.violentlydomestic.com/


aside from the blogs i enjoy that you already listed, and your own blog... i very much enjoy maya's blog - she's an amazing photographer, spinner, dyer, and knitter. she has a daughter just a bit younger than lily and she just had a baby. and she like sharing photos of her cats... and best of all she's just as sweet as a georgia peach!



Hmmm...you know I really enjoy yours and many of the ones you already posted. So how about Kristy's (http://westcoastcreative.blogspot.com/ ; she is such a creative person and I love seeing nature through her eyes) or Denise's (http://chezdanisse.blogspot.com/ ; really incredible writer...every post makes me think).

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