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May 06, 2012


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Shower! I love hot water, but my low blood pressure means sitting in hot water makes me dizzy quite easily. Showers I can have a little hotter as I'm already standing and moving around more. (This is also why I don't do hot tubs - not since the time I passed out getting out of one after only 10 minutes.) I don't do baths, but can't do without my morning shower.


I'm allergic to cats, but I wouldn't mind washing the loofah before use anyway. :)...and I do like to admire other ppl's kitties via photos. Sasha sure is pretty. :)


heh heh poor sasha... it seems that the only cat who *likes* to wear hats is the cat in the hat :)

i am a shower girl all the way. not that that means i shower every day... heh heh no. i am an every-other-day on a good day kinda girl. (that's why i wear so many bandannas in my hair!)

you are so awesome with your birthday buildup giveaways. you're like a super-hobbit!!


Sasha looks like she loves that hat, maybe she would like a little kitty sweater as well? I've never tried vanilla scent before, I'm a huge fan of the lavender. I'm also definitely a shower person.


i too am an advocate for week long birthdays. especially since it give more room for others to wish me a happy birthday, and a few extra 'free' birthday cocktails :)

i choose both;) because it would depend on what kind of mood i am in at the moment, and how much time i have available.


Fun, isn't it? But be careful. It's the shipping that always surprises me every year. Just saying.


Shower. I like a bath on occasion, but I'm all about standing in a hard-pressure shower.

Okay--I think that's all I have time for tonight. I'll be back this week to catch up with the rest of the posts I've missed this past month (and oh yeah, I have a disc to send you too...crap, just remembered that...I'll get that out soon and we can call it a birthday present!)! Happy Birthday again Kathy!!

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