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April 13, 2012


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Great post. Now I know what is going on in that beautiful introverted head of yours.


I think there is something very powerful in giving voice to your goals and taking the time to write them down and read them often. There is definitely power making such a declaration and it's a wonderful first step. So applause already! I hope as you go forward you'll remember to give yourself credit for every baby step along the way! Congrats!


let me start by saying that i think something must be in the air because practically everyone i know is struggling with some form of negativity/depression right now. so i have no advice to give in that arena, just empathy and the knowledge that you are in good company.

i think that you are making tremendous progress on your goals! seriously, if you were kicking butt on all 18 i'd have to wonder if you were a robot or cyborg or something. a lot of the goal you made are huge - and while i applaud your thinking big and bold, sometimes it takes baby steps to get to that big and bold endpoint. and you are definitely moving in the right direction, which in my opinion is all that matters.

i am terribly proud of you, not only for setting so many goals to make yourself and your life better, but for posting and discussing them publicly. you are an inspiration, thank you for your honesty and for letting us be a part of your journey.

ps - love partner's comment.


I think you are right, that some people lean more to the negative versus the positive. Bushboy is one. It's been an interesting lesson for me, as I tend to lean the other way. I think acknowledging the lean is what's important, knowing how it can colour our views (both ways).

As you know, I do think these goals are massive! But I think it's amazing that you are willing to continue to look at the list and critically assess your progress - and I know you will get to the place you seek.


I forgot to say, wouldn't it be weird if we were in Munro's at the same time?! I used to hang out there a lot when I lived in Victoria!!

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