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April 25, 2012


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That shawl is absolutely stunning, and I can only imagine how wonderful that yarn must be to work with. Heavenly I would guess. Beautiful work!


It is gorgeous!!!

And I agree with partner, very cute picture of you.


I'll confess to being a lurker. Sure enjoy your goal updates as I too like to have goals. This wrap is gorgeous! LOVELY!!!


oh goodness what an amazing shawl! your mom is going to be so over-the-top thrilled!!
i love it - the nupps are the perfect touch - but 156!?!? wow woman, you deserve a nupp-certificate of valor!

and i'm going to agree with partner, and kate, and say that you look adorable in that picture! (but i'll admit that we're all probably biased because we like you so much.) (but don't think for a second that our bias makes our opinions any less valid - you're adorable.)


It's so perfect, and now I want to make one too!


Catching up with non-birthday posts finally! This is an amazing FO Kathy...it turned out so well and I'm not surprised to hear the compliment your mom gave it! A PERFECT gift for mom!


You have done this knitting with yarn wonderfully, and the color which you have chosen is very nice. Your mom must be happy for this gift right?

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