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April 18, 2012


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I like the way the pattern in the post wash shot pops out. Not bad for plane knitting.


i love the shot of the seat next to you on the plane. i like to imagine you have a seat mate buried under all that knitting somewhere :)

i think it turned out great, i'm glad your friend likes it as well.
partner's right - the pattern really seems to pop post blocking.
yay for plane knitting!!


That scarflet is fantastic! Sorry you didn't win my giveaway. I hope you win Jodys!


Love it! Ros


I think it is great how you knit this on the plane and blocked it in a hotel room...more committed than I am! ;) I like this knit though am sorry it turned out a bit big. But the stitch pattern really is cool and I bet it will still keep her toasty in Canada!

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