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March 13, 2012


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well paint me green, because i am *jealous*!!!!!!!!

i want to sit and knit and eat chocolates and drink wine and watch harry potters with you!!! :)

i'm so glad to hear that you had such a fun visit!
(and made so much progress on your projects!)


I love a good girls weekend! I am glad you had some time to get away and get some knitting done in the company of a friend! Chocolate and booze doesn't hurt either, I suppose.


This sounds like so much fun...I wish that I had friends close by to be able to do this with on occasion. I used to have one...we'd do a 'craft' weekend about twice a year which involved a ton of crafting, a ton of food, and a ton of alcohol (after the crafting was done for the day). We are no longer friends. I don't miss much about that friendship but I do miss those weekends.

What are you knitting for your mom that requires all those nupps?


Sounds like an utterly fabulous weekend. Love your hostess gift and cannot wait to try that drinking game! :)


I think the HP drinking game is brilliant... even Snape would like it. What's that, two sips of wine?


What a fabulous girls weekend. I love the drinking game :)
Well done you for not resisting temptation and not buying yarn!

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