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January 14, 2012


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First, thank you so much for the pictures. Especially the one of your feet in flip flops. Perfection on this cold day.

Second, that is a lot to mull over! I'm glad you've decided to put it out here, where other people who care about you can listen, and perhaps even mull it over as well.

And as I learned in November, sometimes it takes a while of putting it out there for it all to come back to you. So, watch out!


oh friend, you have so many paths before you... i am glad you are somewhere peaceful and beautiful to work on sorting them out.
i know which ever path you choose will be a good one, because *you* will be on it. you are thoughtful and caring and i think that you will find, that given time, no matter which path you choose, you'll end up where you were meant to be.


Finally, someone with equally ugly toes.

Introspection...introspective....why are we here, what do we do for others, what do we do for ourselves... Why are we? What happens when we pass? Joke on us if we're really only living in one of many social ant-farms with some giant looming over us in our care.

Don't rush and don't paint your self into a self-imposed timeframe of finding your spot in this life (I consider rushing falls in the 2-5 yr timeframe). It takes some people decades, and then again, some people never do find themselves.

Having a partially defined end-point is half the battle; having someone in your life who shares those ideas is a blessing. What I did not appreciate soon enough is that it is the road / journey, not the destination point, that is the better part of the travel.

Time to pop anothe cork....


These sorts of questions are very much on my mind these days so I have a lot to say. But it all falls in the "don't want to share too much on the Internet" category so I'll email instead. Hopefully this weekend!

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