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December 07, 2011


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I thought of you!! You'll have to get them to hold it in Victoria next time - that's just driving, no water to cross for me! Lovely picture of your mom.

Love the mitt I see, and am intrigued by the blue and white tea pot double knit....


everything looks like it's coming along wonderfully!
love the bath scrubbie - what a fun idea!

too bad you couldn't meet up with kate, but glad you had a good time in canada!!


Oh, that loofah looks like a great gift! Especially with some handmade soap.

I'm really impressed with your Christmas knitting plans. I've probably mentioned already that I'm taking a break from gift knitting this year. It's very weird for me - in years past I've always had time but not much money for gifts. So hand made and home baked was definitely my m.o. But now that I've started the new job, we have more money but I don't have time.

All that means that I'm thinking of getting J yarn for Christmas and I'll knit the sweater later.


Wow--an ambitious knitting list it would seem! But you made great progress so far...can't wait to see how all these turn out and hear more about the loofah pattern.

Too bad you couldn't get in a trip to see Kate. I keep thinking that it's been awhile since J and I have been to Vancouver Island and maybe that should be in the works soon so I can visit Kate!

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