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August 02, 2011


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Haha, love the Sockgate picture. That Austrian shawl is gorgeous! I'd love to learn more about Austrian techniques.

Also, the marketplace closed an hour early on Saturday too, which I didn't care for. Maybe they want the vendors to be able to go to any evening lectures?


one word... AWESOME...


Oh that twisted stitches class sounds fabulous! I've really got to get a good stitch dictionary for those.

I just saw the video of the flash mob on the yarn harlot blog. Did you do that, too? It sounds fun in theory but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to dance in public like that. Bouncing with a baby? Now that I can do.


I am so glad you had so much fun! I think if you learned anything and you had fun, it was worth it. Also, I will probably need to pick your brain about the deciphering of Japanese patterns, I have some books, but, well, yes, they are in Japanese, and I do not speak or read Japanese.


the sockgate picture is awesome!!
it sounds like you are having an amazing time! i'm really enjoying reading your daily recaps!!


Oh the joy of going to Sock Summit, at these times I wish Australia was a lot closer :(

Thanks for sharing your experience so it feels like we were there as well. So much fun!

Debs (NewDKnit)

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