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August 16, 2011


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Oh my. So pretty. Love love love the oxblood lily and the Suits Him.


Sooo worth buying those extra skeins! What a sweetie for throwing in an extra one.

Good haul!


ok but what I really need to know is.. the skein in the previous post??? was that your newly purchased tree frog the cat got into??


For someone who didn't plan on buying much, you sure did walk away with quite a bit to pack on the return trip home!


totally worth the wait! :)

it's all so gorgeous.. i am trying to pick a favorite but it's hard.
i'm torn between ocean cliff and crack in the sidewalk.

what a great haul!! you're going to make some amazing handknits with it i'm sure!!


I so enjoyed reading about your adventures at the Sock Summit and seeing the stash enhancement you came away with. Seems like it was so worth the time and cost! I was really interested that you took a class on natural dyeing...this fall I really want to start dyeing yarn and am particularly interesting in learning natural techniques. Maybe I'll have to pick your brain when I get around to that point.

Sorry that there wasn't a way to meet up while you were so close to my neck of the woods...hopefully a situation will present itself sometime soon in the future (like you know, when you move to Portland?!).


Great haul!

I can't believe that booth owner got so snippy when you asked about the source of the yarn. But that next skein from Wonderland Dyeworks seems to make up for it! I just clicked over to the etsy shop and I'm just blown away by those gorgeous colors.

What's the story behind not wanting to buy from China? I'm really curious and would love to hear it.


well i have to say, you have impeccable taste to choose such glorious yarns. the ocean cliff one is my favorite. gorgeous!

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