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March 26, 2011


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Those are some gorgeous pics! I'll bet that race was a lot of fun - such a beautiful course!

I can't wait for some of that green (and warm weather) to make its way out here.

Enjoy your sun therapy!


Wow, you look great Kathy! That uphill was quite something.

And I can't help it, I'm a little jealous of the sunshine. Although it's been trying around here lately, so there is hope of spring yet.


I'm thinking that having successfully completed a half marathon a couple weeks ago...you are 'back into running' instead of 'getting back into running'. just saying.

So was that first one an actual run? Lord, that is steep to be running up!! I'm impressed with what you are participating in...keep posting about it, maybe it will motivate my lazy ass!


My husband used to run before we met, and I'd like to get into running. We're hoping to train for the 2012 Portland, OR marathon. Of course, I have to start running first. There is that.

And I'm definitely jealous of you getting some sunshine. I'm so sick of this rain over here!


Yes, what Rachel said. Good work! Have fun with the rents!


runners always completely amaze and inspire me. it's something that for some reason i got in my head as a child i couldn't do and haven't yet had the guts to change that. you are inspiring!


yay you!!! you continue to inspire and amaze me with your dedication and abilities.

gorgeous pictures of your run course and i do have to say that you are just adorable all decked out in your runner gear.

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