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January 17, 2011


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Wow, this looks great on you! Your modifications on fit were bang on. Love the photo and name as well. Great post.


Yes, the fit is great! I have a copy of that pattern from back before the designer started charging money for it - I'd be curious to see what, if anything, she changed to justify the switch.

Kudos for actually weaving in all of those ends. That sort of task often gets a project relegated to the bottom of my knitting basket.


Its a lovely sweater, I love the eyes on the owl Its the perfect touch.


I love it and it looks great! Especially with the weird, yellow sateen bra. Very stylish! ;) I have plans to cast on for one myself this year but thinking about a short-sleeved version (I'm behind the times too...in so many more ways than just knitting!). I'll also probably choose to put eyes on only one owl...same minds and all that.

Beautiful flower...wow.


wow, this turned out so beautiful! love it!


you are just adorable! love your top model shot and your shiny golden bra (especially your willingness to post it on your blog!).

the sweater looks fantastic on you!
and it matches perfectly with the waratah - what a wonderful way to remember your trip.

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