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January 13, 2011


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Omg. Even with the "mist" it's very perdy. And the important thing is you had fun anyway, right?


That sounds like a fabulous way to spend the day! If it's that pretty in the rain, I can just imagine how gorgeous the hike must be on a sunny day.


How absolutely magical. Thank you.


Oh, I'm sorry...did you say something past chocolate filled coconut nests?

Seriously though...I bet the view would have been amazing but it still looks like such a beautiful hike. I love being outside in the rain, mist, and fog if it isn't too cold. There is something very 'ethereal' about it isn't there? Thanks so much for sharing...when I get the time to visit Australia which I hope to do, I will definitely be coming to you for suggestions.


LOL The part about the boy and the towel-cape gave me a giggle.

The pictures are absolutely amazing. Fog and mist are my long-time foes when it comes to scenery like that. There's a place in Tennessee called "Lookout Mountain". You can supposedly see seven states from the top. I say "supposedly" because every stinkin' time I've been, it's been foggy or rainy. lol


i'm so glad you decided to go heavy on the pictures! each one was like a little gem!
what a gorgeous hike, mist and all. i'm sure the vistas would have been stunning with out it, but you captured a lot of wonderful mist & trees or mist & rocks. love it - thank you for sharing!


Wow, that was amazing! But seriously, you had me at dark chocolate filled coconut nests. ;-)

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