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January 22, 2011


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ROTFL I love that pic of him wearing it with his glasses.


ooh those slippers look so deliciously warm and snuggly!
and your hat pictures are completely hilarious! no worries, though- there are plenty of big headed people in the world just waiting for the perfect hat!


Don't let the hat defeat you! And I'm sort of thinking that anytime you have leftover yarn that is irritating you, you should gather it all, mail it to Melissa and she'll turn it into something amazing. ;)

Those slippers look toasty!


the slippers look wonderful!
and partner is hilarious! good for you for not letting the giant hat get you down, someone at pine ridge will be so happy! (as someone with a rather large head i know how happy it makes me to find a hat for a big headded person!)


ha! i just read rachel's comment!
she's too funny.

i think you did a wonderful job with your leftovers all by yourself! :)

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