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January 20, 2011


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whoo hooo! awesome.
hey i know that place. i have been there too :D
and D thinks i am a crazy person for bringing MY knitting. he may be right, but i am crazy, but at least i am not alone in being crazy :P


Oh my, those ends might have done me in. But those stripes are absolutely worth it!


oh, I know some Green Bay Packers fans who would love that scarf, too!


You crack me up...I'm missing the draw of baseball but I find it cool that you are so passionate about it as to knit a scarf (with that many freakin' ends to weave in) in the name of a manager. I appreciate your enthusiasm. And is that cotton candy? ;)


seriously - you are completely adorable!!
love the needles and catcher's mitt picture!

i don't follow baseball but appreciate your dedication to your team and your manager. plus the scarf turned out awesome (and as pam said, it works for the packers too! go pack!!)

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