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November 18, 2010


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Oh what fun! I've made a shawl out of that heirloom before, its my office shawl because its so warm and comfy. And sometimes at work you just need comfy.

"The Partner"

So now the mystery of why you were up until 2:00 a.m. last night giggling and sipping wine at the computer is solved. Your talent at knitting, writing, taking interesting pictures, and living life continues to amaze me. You are forgiven for not coming to bed on time (though I have oft been berated for the same sin). I had no idea that it was a mere year ago that I helped you set this little cyber-window up so others could peer longingly into your world that I am so fortunate to share.

Congratulations on your first year of blogging. May you have as many years blogging as there are skeins of yarn sitting across from me as I type this. If that comes to pass, you will still be blogging when James T. Kirk takes up knitting in his golden years.

All my love, as always...


Congratulations! And what wonderful stories you have to tell. I laughed out loud at the baby hat skein. I'm sure you'll find a baby :) Great details on the yarn crawl, and can't wait to hear more about feeding the kangaroo. Cool!

This blog world is a crazy place, I've met more interesting people this way than in my real life, hands down. Thanks for being a part of that!

(And 'The Partner's' comment made me say Awww, out loud. My cat thought I was talking to him.)


ok second attempt make that 3rd!!! Why can I never comment on your blog.
Love your yarnie excursion, what would we do without ravelry huh???
Great haul!
Might I just add "The Partner" made me awwwww at his comment.
Congrats on one year!!!


Looks like you had a lovely yarn tour! I love all the handspun you purchased. :) Can't wait to hear more about the kangaroo!

Also, a very happy Blogiversary to you!

Sonia Young

It was so great to have you visit us in Melbourne. You were the perfect guest. Ravelry Rocks!


Happy Blogiversary to you!! it definitely looks like both you and Beeyore had fun in Australia. And agreed the color you chose for the undetermined baby is perfect. If i am thinking of the right friend... i agree she will love it. and the green one is gorgeous as well. you pick your yarn well.



Happy one-year anniversary! I distinctly remember when you started this because I finally had the chance to not only repay you comments (up 'til that point I couldn't even reply to those strange 'Kathy' comments that kept showing up on my blog!), but to learn more about you. For that, I'm very glad.

It looks like at least the yarn portion of the trip was fantastic (well, except for the weird shop...so very strange!). And remember, Rue is gonna have a baby. You know, if you are still looking for a random one! ;)

The partner's comment...awwww.


happy one year blogaversary to you!!

i so enjoyed getting a peep into the yarn shops on your trip to australia! you got some gorgeous souvenirs - can't wait to see you knit them up! and i was so excited to see you got to feed a kangaroo!! how completely amazing!!!

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