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November 21, 2010


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lol ohhh Partner! Good that you got to meet up with some knitters, looks like you had a good time.
*fingers crossed this works*


what an amazing meetup!
hooray for ravelry and its ability to connect knitters on a global scale.


You had me at rare lamb salad. Swoon!

I find this whole knitting community to be somewhat amazing....

Sonia Young

It was so much fun to meet a knitter from afar and find that we talk the same language!

Thanks for allowing me to reminisce SF with the aid of some Ghirardelli chocolate :)

Come back, and we'll do it all again!


well add another "awww" to the count for me will you...lol.

looks like you had fun. that's the one thing i miss...a good SnB night.


Can't believe I made it into nearly every photo - I'm usually so shy!! must have been the lovely wine you bought...

Was a great night. So glad you got in touch. Come back soon!


Yet another post that reinforces just how amazing this knitting community. It's something special!

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