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November 11, 2010


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Kittens are the best ever. We're all full up of animals around here, but being around kittens is so tempting.... Glad she's settling in and getting the household well trained around her. And glad you're feeling better. Are we going to hear more about Australia as well?


Had you blogged while you were in Austrailia, I would have called you crazy. I refuse to blog on vacations or expeditions.

What a cutey Sasha is!


Sasha is absolutely adorable! I have to admit that I've had similar worries about introducing a companion for Nayyir so I'm really happy to see that Sasha and Beckerman have worked out a happy compromise.

And thanks for saying hello over at tinksandfrogs! You're right I've kept things pretty quiet on the tadpole front over there. It was fun hiding the evidence and then figuring out how I wanted to do the big reveal. I'll definitely look into sizing info on ravelry - thanks for the tip!


oooo *girly high pitched squee* she's SOOSOOOOO adorable.... i love kittens. she looks right at home snuggling with everyone. and i bet beckerman knows she there to stay... and not some usurping interloper like mine was :)

and there is nothing wrong with personifying ones pets ( i do it all the time)


Oh man...she's so cute. I'm so missing Little Rat right now looking at your photos! I hope things are calming down and Beckerman and Sasha are starting to learn to deal with each other!

Am I'm with Kate...how about some Australia pictures? I know you did some hiking so please share some photos! Pretty please! ;)


she's adorable! and oh how fun to have a kitten!
i completely understand poor beckerman's angst though... he and pip should become cat penpals, they have similar sob stories right now.
it sounds like time is starting to work its magic though. i'm so happy that he is grooming her already - that has to be a good sign!

can't wait to hear about australia!

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