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September 23, 2010


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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your squash...that just makes me sad. I keep saying it but it's a bad year for gardens. Next year will be better!

Melissa is always full of good ideas...can't go wrong copying her!


Sniff, poor squash. I tell you, this has just been that kind of year for gardens, it seems.

I love the natural ombre colourway.


"sniff" for the squash.

"hooary" for the knitting. got to love it when no yarn goes wasted :)


sorry to hear about your squash. our butternut squash is the one thing that's actually doing well in my garden this year. if only you lived closer i'd give you one (or two)!

glad to hear you're liking the double bump - it's fun, isn't it?

and rachel is too kind. i would think one could substitute "always full of good ideas" with "completely insane when it comes to dishcloths" and you'd be closer to the mark!

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