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August 25, 2010


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what a lovely lineup of wips!
you have so many beautiful things in the works and it must feel so good to be able to mark so many as "done!"


Wow. Reading this list makes me nervous. I can't have that many unfinished projects laying around. Something OCD in me can't deal with it. Of course, I'm about to post that I just went on a cast-on party in an attempt to restore my mojo. It worked but I now have 7 things on the needles and it's messing with my head!

With that said...it looks like you are making excellent progress...so exciting to see so many DONE's up there. Well, until I get to the last couple paragraphs and see all the projects you are wanting to cast on! You are right though...this fall IK is full of amazing projects!


Wow! I'm exhausted just reading this post. So many WIPs! :D Although, I went to the London iKnit show yesterday and can sense a sudden onset of startitis so have no room to talk!

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