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August 04, 2010


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Very nice. I like soft squishy shiney yarns too..

Poor cardi :P But You have still accomplished stuff. So don't be too hard on yourself :D


I became a cowl convert two winters ago - I think you will love them! It certainly is gorgeous.

Good luck on the big clean-out.


I have to say I love cowls more than scarves. I never know how to wear a darn scarf but a cowl is pretty straightforward. And my suggestion would be matching gloves as well (or just wrist warmers which are surprisingly useful as well). I love that you finally gave in and used the beautiful yarn! And welcome to fair isle...it's addicting isn't it? I need to get back to doing some more colorwork one of these days!


this is why I crop my head out of all pictures, I never wear lipstick! Your fair isle looks great, your stitches are very nice and even.

Ugh, i don't even want to think about the garages at my house.


gorgeous shiny cowl - i love the colors!!

good luck with your garage sorting - i need to channel your ambition, i'm hoping to get some sorting done this weekend myself.


Shiny! I think cowls are pretty practical, actually. Also, look at you with the Faire Isle.

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