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July 08, 2010


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oh i just love that you took kitty camping!

and oh my, talk about breathtaking - such gorgeous pictures!! the perfect place to model your latest lovely project.


hahaah you took your cat camping hahaaa
Amazing mountain pictures, can you imagine having that as a view?


aww kitty went on a trip.

Looks like it was fun. and Boy #2 was wearing his hat...looks good BTW


I'm still sitting here shaking my head at the concept of taking a cat on a camping trip. It's sort of messing with my mind a bit!

Ah Shasta...such a beautiful place. And oh my...look at those fields of lavender. Swoon.

Foliage looks great and what a place to model it. Tho I must ask why Boy #2 needs a wool hat with shorts and a t-shirt. Don't get me wrong, I wear hats all the time, but even I don't wear woolies in the summer! ;)


Love the pictures of the flowers. Love how the hat turned out!


Pretty mountain. Pretty lavender. Pretty kitty. And prettiest hat. :)

Tia Oshields

Hm, getting used to those long RV trips can be hard. Despite the extra space, it's best to take it easy - one step at a time. Let him get used to small distances.

Anyway, those pictures look fantastic. Being able to travel and see sights like those is worth it.

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