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May 13, 2010


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that park you go running in is gorgeous! i'm jealous of the tomatoes. i can't even safely plant them in my garden yet. the yarn is very pretty. i think i have one skein of that same color! i could use another one or two--i have a shawl in mind. thanks for the giveaway.

Geek Knitter

I was sad about that Fulham loss, had such high hopes for them. Next year!

Happy Palindrome Year to you, and many many more.


happy happy birthday to you!!

i can't believe you have little green tomatoes already! i still have a week or two before i'll even plant mine!

that yarn is lovely, so let me think of something about myself that's interesting enough to share.... lily and i have the same birthday. did you know that already?
my favorite random fact to tell people is that i was a member of my high school's mime troupe. yep, i was a teenage mime. :)

there you go, hope that at least gave you a post-birthday chuckle.


Happy B-Day (again). green tomatoes. Ymm fried. Likewise frogs legs. Which harlot book did you get this time?


Happy Happy BIIIIIIIIIIIIIrthday! *insert T and I doing the birthday dance here*
You got some lovely gifties, the lunch box is soooo cute!
as for something about me??? that you don't already know....hummmm how about a random piece of information like I don't enjoy chocolate. On occassion I will eat somthing with chocolate but I cannot sit down and eat a chocolate bar blech! I'd much rather has something salty, or perhaps penny candy, i'm a sucker for penny candy.


ooo the tomatoes look AWESOME. especially since there weren't any there, while i was :D ... yay slippers..(knew about them before i left..hehe :P)one would think i wouldn't need slippers this time of year where i am...but you would be wrong :D

happy birthday again BTW glad to hear you had a great day...


Happy Happy Birthday!!! I will go mention your giveaway on my blog right after this. You are too generous!!
I have tried growing tomatoes a few times, but the little plot isn't sunny enough. The squirrels seem to enjoy knocking the barely red tomatoes off the vines too much, too...


I came here from the link on Karin's blog, so I think she should get extra credit :)

Your tomatoes are gorgeous. We can very close to a real frost one night last week, so I'm going to wait just a little while longer and then buy plants that are already well-started. Hedging my bets!


I also came on over from Karin's blog. You are right, she should get extra credit, especially since she is blogging after just having surgery!!

May 23rd is my 55th birthday! Born in 1955. My big day? I'm going to a knitting class - february ladies sweater!!


jealous of tomatoes....sigh...but for my birthday, #60, my family got me chicks--they are very interesting. jane


Happy Belated Birthday-- I posted on Cocoknits right before you. We did it! Nicole is back! Something about myself: I live in France now, but grew up and went to school in Seattle. So when I read about your REI gift certificate my heart jumped a bit and I felt a little homesick. But not for long, since I'll be going over for a visit in August!


Hi Katherine, Happy belated birthday! Couldn't help but notice that your and my interests stack up similarly although I think I would put ocean directly next to knitting even though I live in land-locked Saskatchewan and don't get to the ocean nearly often enough. (I also haven't even planted tomatoes yet and loved the photo of yours!) I take my knitting to the river as often as I can as my office is a five-minute walk from the riverbank!
I love the Frog Legs colour and if I do happen to be lucky enough to be chosen the winner, please don't wind it into cakes for me. My 95 year old dad loves to wind skeins into very neat round balls that never fall apart. He has wound all I have and is working on friends' skeins at the moment. He is always happy when I bring him more! Best wishes to you - Doreen


Ok, so you wanted another comment. Something about myself. Hmmm.. How about Friday 5/28 is my last day on the job. I'm retiring to open a yarn store. And I will get you to learn spinning!!! This one should be worthy of "you're *(^^$&$% kidding me" again


Oh, I missed both the fun and your Birthday! Happy belated 33rd!! It sounds like you had an amazing day and were pampered in the appropriate manner!!

Oh, and how cool is your running trail!!! Congrats on the 3.3 miles...you already answered my question...sounds like training is going well and that's great!

And you can't hear it but I'm cursing the fact that you have a tomato. Darn you and your warm temperatures. :)

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