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January 19, 2010


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wow - your shawl is absolutely breathtaking!

i wish that i had a secret spot where i could go and read (or knit) for 12 hours - lucky you!


The only thing more amazing that the shawl is the beautiful woman who knitted it. (I am very glad that I bought you the yarn... you really are amazing to me.) :)


Beautiful! And now I know exactly what i'm going to knit with some cashmere/silk yarn I have in my stash. Its the perfect colors for t hat project. Now I just have to remember to bookmark it.


Just lovely!


Look at you with all your finished objects putting the rest of us to shame. This stole is beautiful...you did a great job on it! Those colors seem like an absolute perfect match!


If anyone out there has lost their knitting mojo, they should come here to find it. That shawl is hands down gorgeous (and you know it). Go you!


Simply stunning! So delicate, and the colors really do remind me of the sea.


you are so so amazing!! your creations are divine.

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