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January 16, 2014


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Age of Brass and Steam, although both are in my favourites :)
Interesting book, not quite my genre but like that you are enjoying it.
Great picture of Wiggle!!!

Sarah Jane

I vote the age of brass and steam, but that's because I like the look of it more. Though, I'm sure whatever you decide will look lovely with that yarn.


They're both lovely and I'm going to cast another vote for age of brass and steam. But I think Dietdre would work in the pashmina so go for it if that's what you're drawn to! I can't believe how grown up wiggle looks - what a fantastic picture!


am i too late to vote?!?
i guess it won't really matter since i like both patterns... guess i'll just wait and see what you decide to do! i dont' think you can go wrong with either!

and oh my, mr. wiggle is looking like a grown up baby!! when did that happen?!?

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